The data of datagrid is visible under the header

When data is scrolled , it is visible from the header which makes it looks so bad

Hi @BB_from,

It looks like you've customized the header to use a semi-transparent background color. If so, try setting it via background-image css property instead of background or background color. See this thread for more information -> Bug on RadzenDataGrid cellrender setting background-color cell with lighter colors - #2 by yordanov

--rz-grid-header-background-color: rgba(@color2,0.1);
I am adding the header background color like this .. and i didnt find the way to add background image ...can u please suggest

You can try something like this:

.rz-grid-table thead th {
    --rz-grid-header-background-color: white;
    background-image: linear-gradient(0deg, rgba(@color2,0.1), rgba(@color2,0.1));

it doesnot work but i have already found the solution