Text value of a RadioButtonList

This should be simple but can't figure it out. I simply want to grab the selected text value of a RadioButtonList and show it as a label, what is the correct format to grab the text value?

${radiobuttonlist0.TextProperty} doesn't seem to work, what am I missing?

The TextProperty specifies what property of the data item to display in the RadioButtonList. Use whatever the Value property is set to. Also check my reply to this thread: Getting the name from a selected dropdown value

What I am attempting to do is setup a "View" of a form like:

I want to just show the chosen text of the "Rating". The form gets the record by id, the rating is stored by id in that record. The Rating is in another table the radio list is populated by the ratings table. The selected rating comes from the form record. How can I change the radio list to simple text (label)? I simply need the text that is associated to the the rating id stored in the form.

I am afraid I don't understand the question. If you have a Radzen subscription you can send us your project to info@radzen.com and this will allow us to better understand your requirement.

I do have a subscription, I sent in the project via email, looking forward to the solution.

Unfortunately we haven't received anything yet. Try removing the bin and obj directories in the application to keep the attachment size within the email server limit. Alternatively you can host the project on some cloud storage service (OneDrive, Google Drive, DropBox etc) and share the link over email.

I sent it just now via Mimecast large file send, it'll include a download link to the project. Let me know if you don't get it and I'll do something different.

We've got your application and we were able to run it however I'm unsure where to look - there a several places with RadioButtonList components. Can you clarify again in which component is the problem?

Sure it's located on the BBS Audit Edit:

Label117 is what I'm looking to update with text value from AscendingDescendingRating RadioButtonList

When running application:

Click the row:

You will see:

I want "At Risk: Shown as the label

I'm not sure how to make it work.

Here is a possible solution:

${getBbsRatingsForAscendingDescendingRatingResult.Where(r => r.Id == bbsaudit.AscendingDescendingRating).FirstOrDefault()?.Rating}

Awesome, you've made my day I knew it couldn't be that hard. Thank you for all your help!