Temporal Tables

I have a SQLServer Db which contains a number of Temporal Tables.
Radzen does not appear to manage them as I would expect.
The 2 period datetimes are autogenerated always and not nullable.

Creating a standard radzen crud app gives me a dialog which allows me to add a row without enetering data into these fields.

When I attempt to update the row the CRUD dialog attempts to submit the pre-existing values. This gets rejected because you cannot supply data to these fields.

Can I suggest that when you infer the schema you recognise such fields and amend the generated code to not submit these values?

If there is another approach please let me know!



Hi @andrewksmith,

Indeed temporal tables are supported by Radzen Blazor Studio but not in Radzen IDE, maybe it’s time to try RBS!

Good stuff!

I have utilised RBS and the behaviour is exactly as I would want. Thanks.

so, its good bye to 2.x


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