Templated Dropdown - Different views when filtering and Selected?

I might have been too smart for my own good here. I am using the Template of the Dropdown to Display additional formation about contacts, which looks great so far.


My issue is that once Selected, the Dropdown displays the top of the image and not any of the text.


Is there any way to be able to filter and visually see the Templated content but when Selected, just see some text value?

You can set also ValueTemplate.

Is that not just for the Grid? I cannot find this in the docs or source for the DropDown?

You are right, it’s available at the moment for DropDownDataGrid only, we will check if we can add it to the DropDown as well for our next update before the end of the week.

That's awesome, thank you.

I just realized that when I've been posting, I've been using Radzen IDE because I saw WASM but I don't use the IDE, I'm just using the components.

So, just wondering, do updates to the IDE make their way into the Nuget pkg on the same schedule?

The updates of both IDE and the NuGet package will happen Monday - there will be no updates this week.

That's great, thx for the info.

Just wanted to say that the updated ValueTemplate works great, thank you!

Hi there,
I was trying to use the ValueTemplate in the DropDownDataGrid for "Multiple" selections. I want to be able to customize whats shown in the dropdown label and also remove individual items from the selection. Like the Chips from the DropDown.
I was looking into the code and I can see Template applied but not the ValueTemplate. The problem with the Template is that Template is applied to the grid as well. What am I missing here? I would appreciate to point me in the right direction. Thanks

Hi there,
I can see in the code that ValueTemplate is just applied for single selection for the DropDownDataGrid, but not multiple.

@if (ValueTemplate != null && selectedItem != null)



Is there any plan to allow ValueTemplate for multiple selection or support Chips??


There are no immediate plans however we accept pull requests.