Template inside Composite Columns

Suppose I have dynamic list that I wanna use in a composite columns. I tried belowed code, but the composite columns is empty... It semms <Columns> doesn't support be used inside <Template>

        <RadzenDataGridColumn TItem="DailyEventSummary" Title="Event Detail">
            <Template Context="data">
                    @foreach (var dailySeveritySummary in data.DailyEventCount)
                        <RadzenDataGridColumn TItem="DailyEventSummary" Title=@dailySeveritySummary.Severity.ToString()
                                          Property=@dailySeveritySummary.Quantity.ToString() />


Hi @xky0007,

Indeed you cannot define nested columns inside the template of a parent column. The scenario you are trying to implement (having specific columns per data item) is not supported as columns apply to all data items.