Template form question

On my template form I have row and columns the columns hold textboxes and labels. I would like to have borders shown on the columns to help indicate logical groups of data.

How would I set borders to visible on a column? I do not see a property for that. I did search documentation and the forum and did not see an answer. If I missed it just point me to the reference.


Indeed setting borders from the Radzen designer isn't possible at the moment. Will implement it for next week's release.

The latest Radzen version now allows you to set the borders There is a Border item under Style in the property grid.

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I really appreciate the added feature. I was trying different things with it yesterday. Today I hope try making an empty label into a simple box graphic with it. I just need to explore the possibilities.

I suppose its common sense but it does not work in the experimental Blazor apps.

What doesn't work in Blazor apps? Borders or something else?

It was the borders. At least the few times I tried it yesterday. It may have been the inability to pick a color so it was not showing.

Of course there is always room for operator error...