Template context inside OnCell/OnRowRenderer

Hi everyone,

I would like to ask you if there is a way to style the cell text inside OnCellRenderer method so that I don't need to add the Template Context tag in between RadzenGridColumn.

Hi @Anar_Sadigli,

Check this demo:

Dear Enchev,

Thank you for your answer but I already tried it and the issue with this is that I cannot still change the text color since it is setted in ".rz-datatable-data td .rz-cell-data" other properties such as background color, font-weight would work but not color :confused:

You can assign your own class in order to have better control:

But how can I assign style for this class ? Here what I have attempt but did not worked;

  1. I have added style to the main css file under the wwwroot folder
  2. CSS Isolation: Created scss file for the component with the same name and added those styles there but this also did not helped.

These are my css:

td.white-text span.ui-cell-data {
color: white !important;

.white-text {
color: white !important;