Tabs control - tabs are removed when changing options on a datagrid

I’m developing the following:
add/edit screen for a single record let’s say person.
This person has a list of addresses, a list of familymembers, a list of contacts. (data for the grids is filtered on the id of the person)

I use the tabs control.
Tab0: general person information (form)
Tab1: Addresses datagrid
Tab2: Contacts datagrid
Tab3: Familymembers datagrid

When I set the tabs control to selectedindex of 1 and I change one property on the datagrid, eg allowadd, tab2 and tab3 are removed. This is not what I would expect to happen and is quite annoying actually.

Actually, the same thing happens no matter what I do on the second tab. If I add a button, tab2 and 3 are removed.


I reproduced the problem and confirm this is a bug. We will fix it and release a fix later today. The workaround is to first add components to existing tabs and then add the new tabs. Or not to set the SelectedIndex property of the Tabs but the Selected property of a single Tab.


I thought as much.
My workaround is to copy the meta for the page before changing something, copy the changes to that copy and set the whole thing back afterwards.