Tabs - Content Reinitializing on Tab Change

I have a Blazor page with a RadzenTabs control on it with a few tabs. The first tab contains a component which contains a RadzenGrid which loads up data when loaded. When I switch to another tab and then back to the first, that component reloads as if it had been disposed and was just now initializing.

This behavior doesn't occur when using a Tabs control from another vendor. The component which contains the RadzenGrid only initializes once.

Hi @DonovanWoodside,

Yes, the behavior you have observed is by design. The RadzenTabs renders only the current tab contents. Similar to this example from the Blazor documentation.

Render, yes. That's the behavior of a tab. But if the component within the tab is totally disposed then I have to hit the API and thus database again when it is re-instantiated just to get the data back that was previously loaded, unless I send the data up to the parent component to cache and then pass it back to the child component when it's re-instantiated.

I'm just now running into this issue. It's a killer.