Table with many fields on several Tabs

Hello Radzen team,
i have some tables with many fields. so i want to divide the form in several tabs. each tab should have a save button to save all fileds on all tabs.

How can i do that?
And how do the required fields acting then? e.g. i save on the first tab and a required field on the second tab is empty. how is the user visually informed that there is a empty required field in another tab?

This is what i have and it doesnt work.


Hi Thomas,

Maybe in your case you can:

  1. Bind all forms to the same object.
  2. Hide Submit/Cancel buttons on all forms (ButtonPosition = None).
  3. Set UpdateOnChange to true for all forms.
  4. Have one master Submit button which will call your server method with the object bound to all forms.
  5. Add logic to select the Tab with empty form field before form submit.

Best Regards,