Tab change event prevents tab from changing

Hey, I'm new here so sorry if something about my report is wrong.

When I define the "Change" event for the RadzenTabs , the tab doesn't change anymore, although the index returned is ok. Basically UI doesn't change to the one related to the new tab and the new tab doesnt get selected.

Is that a bug or am I doing something wrong?

Just tried this on our demo and it worked:

I am having the same issue as well. I have defined a method, SelectedTabChanged(int Index), but when I select another tab the end result is no tab is selected. When setting a break point on the SelectedTabChanged method it shows that the Radzen Tab component is calling the SelectedTabChanged method 3 times for every click. The Tab index property that's returned ends up being, for example if tab 2 is selected SlectedIndex:2, SelectedIndex:2 SelectedIndex:0. I have attached a short video of the event and result. Aside from defining the event, I have not adding anything else to any of the child components.

This event is used internally by Blazor for binding and should not be used for other purposes. Maybe you can use Change instead.

I completely overlooked that callback. I have switched to the Change callback and everything is working as it should! Thank you for the help!

One quick question, when switching between tabs, does the RadzenTabs component dispose of the RadzenTabsItem component when the Change event is fired?

Yep, only the currently selected tab is rendered - other tabs disposed.

Thank you again for the information and help!