Synthesis DashBoard

I am trying a dashboard based on : radzen-examples/Home.razor.cs at master · radzenhq/radzen-examples · GitHub and the

In my case I added one card "nombre ECR" and I want to count the number of entries of my data base.
as you did in the home page of your dashboard
I defined the class but the address as in picture below it's not recognised

Have you an idea ?

Thanks in advance

Are you using Radzen? That property is generated in all Radzen pages. If not - you should create it as in our demo.

Hi, I use only Radzen library.
This means that I have to create the class Home.razor.designer.cs as in your demo. Is that it?

Hi, thanks to your reply,
So, I've implemented the servermetodcontroller in server project also indicateur.razor (the same that home.razor) , indicateur.razor.cs and indicateur.razor.designer.cs in client project. I think is the same thing that your dashboard demo

All things seems ok except in indicateur.razor I have this message with an vscode proposition (;-))

Have you an idea how I can resolve this problem?
Thanks in advance.

I don't think this is a problem caused by or related to Radzen. You are trying to use a method as a property.

I agree with you!
I used your logic in the demo example and I can't see what I forgot to do. What am I missing?