Syntax Documentation?

Like some other posts I have seen, I'm finding the documentation somewhat lacking.

For instance, expression syntax. I see a screenshot. This is extremely unhelpful. I'd like to see some more comprehensive documentation surrounding expressions. If they aren't specific to Radzen, pointing to a resource which explains them would be extremely helpful.

So far I'm really digging the product. I'd love to pitch it to my superiors, however I still find minor things like this a big sticking point.

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Have you checked the data formatting help article? It contains more info about expressions and ways to format data. It also links to the Angular documentation (which Radzen expressions translate to).

That is perfect! Thank you.

Are there any custom templates/functions/etc that Radzen has built in that would not be addressed in the Angular documentation?

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This is good, but as is being expressed by a number of people - it's really not enough.

I agree with @Tharkis completely here. I am wanting to get my superiors to buy in to this, and if I can't get up to speed quickly and have something to show them we may not be able to make the purchase.

What more would you like to see? Please list the scenarios you would like us to document. For example "I would like to do X with Radzen".

I would be happy to elaborate - and I will shortly - but I think what we're trying to say is that the current documentation needs to be a bit better so developers can figure stuff out on their own without having to pose a specific question in the forums. Although, I will say that you answer almost immediately, and to the point - so thank you for that.

One thing that I am currently trying to do is to create bar charts that use multiple parts. This data is currently displaying charts in another RAD tool that we are trying to move away from, and so I need to reproduce them as quickly as possible.

First question - why can I not get a chart to display (it throws errors) unless I also display a data-grid showing the same data, and why / how is that data-grid tied to my chart so that the chart will ONLY display what is showing in the current page of the data-grid? These are the types of things that a little documentation could clear up quickly.

Next question, how do I sort the data on my chart (or data-grid) so that it displays in a specific way, or order. I am trying to show a span of time, and it's not in any kind of order - again it's following the data-grid for some reason.

Any tutorials you could put together about any general subject will be noticed, and more ideas will come in, and you can cover those too. One of the things that have been mentioned, and I have to agree, is that the screenshots that are posted in the documentation are full screen, so they are hard to see what you are trying to focus on.

I don't think any of are complaining, on the contrary, we really love this product, it has a very clear niche in the market, and would only be made better by having some very clear tutorials and documentation.

Any help is appreciated, I love the product - can't wait to really get the hang of it so I can contribute more.

Thanks for your consideration, and continued patience and assistance with me as I learn.

What are the errors that the chart is throwing? Also a chart doesn't need a data grid - it only needs a page property populated with data.

Sorting your data is as simple as setting the $sort parameter of your data source method to the name of the property you want it sorted by.

How and where does one do that - exactly?

Weird... I created a new application and I didn't get the error - must have been a weird setting or something.

You can check the Invoke data source method documentation - specifically the step about parameters.

$sort is not one of the parameters. Should I use $orderby ? That doesn't seem to work.


I stand corrected - It did work... I had it in the wrong place. $orderby allowed me to sort the result.

You are right. It is $orderby and not $sort :frowning: I stand corrected.

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BTW - The Type of Documentation on this "Properties" explanation ( is exactly the kind of "tutorial" that I was hoping to find here. It is very good - step-by-step, what to do, etc. to make things work. I for one would LOVE to see more of these types of tutorials.

Is there a similar reference for Blazor Template syntax?

The DataList in Blazor is working really well. I am to a point where I am trying to add conditional formatting. It seems the syntax is similar but not Angular.

For example, if the data/time displayed is older then 15 minutes, the background needs to turn red.

Hi @dad2three,

The most important property in a Blazor component Template is context - the data item. You can also name the context to something more meaningful similar to our demo - for example order:

<Template Context="order">
            <RadzenCard Style="width:300px;">
                <div class="row">
                    <div class="col-md-6">
                        <div style="margin-top:20px">Employee:</div>
                        <b>@(order.Employee?.FirstName + " " + order.Employee?.LastName)</b>
                        <br />
                        <RadzenImage Path="@order.Employee?.Photo" Style="width:100px;" />

You can style also your template components based on some property of the data item:

<Template Context="data">
  @if (data.Quantity > 20)
     <span style='color:white'>@data.Quantity</span>
     <span style='color:black'>@data.Quantity</span>

Best Regards,

PS: The syntax in ASP.NET Blazor templates is Razor C#: