Syncfusion Scheduler in Radzen Environment

Hello Radzen team,
I have a problem with using Syncfusion blazor scheduler component.
i have setup Syncfusion component as described in Syncfusion Documentation. So far all looks fine.
But when i use the Scheduler Component in a Radzen Page (inside HTML Component) i get the following compiler error:
| Error | CS0104 | Orientation is an ambiguous reference between Radzen.Orientation and Syncfusion.Blazor.Schedule.Orientation. | Trent | C: \ Users \ Thomas \ source \ repos \ trent \ server \ Pages \ AddPartner.razor | 171 | Active |
On another page (AddPartner.razor) on this line:
<RadzenRadioButtonList Orientation="Orientation.Horizontal" @bind-Value="@(partner.PrivatOderGeschaeftlich)" Name="GeschaeftlichOderPrivat">
When i modify the razor code to
<RadzenRadioButtonList Orientation="Radzen.Orientation.Horizontal" @bind-Value="@(partner.PrivatOderGeschaeftlich)" Name="GeschaeftlichOderPrivat">
all works fine.
My question is... am i doing something wrong to avoid the reference problem between Radzen.Orientation and Syncfusion.Blazor.Schedule.Orientation?
and if not... can u add "Radzen." to the Orientation Property in the genaration of the razor pages?

Kind Regards

This is likely to happen when you import multiple namespaces that contain the same definition e.g. Orientation.

You need to set it as a custom attribute. Then you can specify whatever value you want. You can also try editing the JSON of that page and changing manually the Orientation value.

Hi @korchev,
im not sure that i understand what you mean...
I did not want to set nor has set the value of the Orientation in the scheduler component.

The problem is that the
<RadzenRadioButtonList Orientation="Orientation.Horizontal" @bind-Value="@(partner.PrivatOderGeschaeftlich)" Name="GeschaeftlichOderPrivat">
is not fully named by Radzen.
<RadzenRadioButtonList Radzen.Orientation="Orientation.Horizontal" @bind-Value="@(partner.PrivatOderGeschaeftlich)" Name="GeschaeftlichOderPrivat">
Manually adding "Radzen." before the "Orientation" works and runs fine.

If i set a custom attribute

i get this line of code genarated:
<RadzenRadioButtonList Orientation="Orientation.Horizontal" @bind-Value="@(partner.PrivatOderGeschaeftlich)" Name="GeschaeftlichOderPrivat" Radzen.Orientation="Orientation.Horizontal"> which also doesnt work.
That for sure is right cause the problem is not the value but the namespace "Orientation"

Can you help please? I need this component from Syncfusion for my project...

Kind regards

You should set Name to Orientation not Radzen.Orientation. This is the property name not the value. The Value should be set to Radzen.Orientation.Horizontal. You just need to match the code you want to get generated.

Hi @korchev,
sorry! My first post was false! I marked the value as the problem. My fault...

The problem is not the Value... The problem is that the Property Name is not fully qualified.
Please have a closer look:

<RadzenRadioButtonList Orientation="Orientation.Horizontal" @bind-Value="@(partner.PrivatOderGeschaeftlich)" Name="GeschaeftlichOderPrivat">**
causes the compiler error.

When i modify the razor code manually to
<RadzenRadioButtonList Radzen.Orientation="Orientation.Horizontal" @bind-Value="@(partner.PrivatOderGeschaeftlich)" Name="GeschaeftlichOderPrivat">
all works fine.

I have no idea how to code around this :slight_smile:

Kind Regards

What happens when you try my suggestion?

When i set the attribute like this:

The generated line looks like this:
<RadzenRadioButtonList Orientation="Orientation.Horizontal" @bind-Value="@(partner.PrivatOderGeschaeftlich)" Name="GeschaeftlichOderPrivat" Orientation="Radzen.Orientation.Horizontal">

Sorry @korchev,
you are right. The problem is the value (too many challenges at the same time :grinning:).

But i cant override the original attribute/value. I can only add a new custom attribute and produce a second attribute with the same name which leads to the same error.

sorry & kind regards

I have trie dthis:

which leads to this line:
<RadzenRadioButtonList Orientation="Orientation.Radzen.Orientation.Horizontal" @bind-Value="@(partner.PrivatOderGeschaeftlich)" Name="GeschaeftlichOderPrivat">


Try the following:

  1. Click the bind icon next to the Orientation property. This will open the Data-bind dialog.
  2. Go to Expression and delete the content.

This should leave only the custom attribute in the final markup.

Great @korchev!
That works! Many Thanks!!!