Supporting RTL languages


I am really interested in Radzen and its powerful capabilities, but wondering if it will support the RTL page direction? because all of my current and future projects need to support multi-languages wich Arabic is one of them.

Thank you.

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Hi @Soft8080,

No, Radzen still doesn't offer RTL support out of the box. We will work on this most probably next year.

Best Regards,

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Okay, I'll wait for it impatiently,
thanks for your reply.

Hi Vlad,
I was really looking forward to the day that Radzen will have RTL support. Today, I checked the roadmap on your website and I could not find it listed anymore. Did you guys move away from this feature? is it possible to re-consider it? TYVM!

We have analysed the effort required to support RTL in all themes, components and technologies (Angular and Blazor). Unfortunately it is too much of an investment for the time being. This is why we decided to postpone it and removed it from the roadmap.

Well, as you said.... "it is unfortunate!"
Thanks for your response though :slight_smile: !

Sad to hear that :cry: :cry:
looking forward to the day when priorities change.

RTL support is essential, dropping 70% of the users as it "much of an investment for the time being" not understandable.
it is not so hard to RTL the components and theme, try checking the needs to do it and consider adding it to the road map as it is very important!

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Hi @marko_nublishu,

We usually build our roadmap together with our customers. None of our customers so far had any interest to this topic.

Hello @enchev

In fact, there are some interested people here, like me, the member who started the thread, and members who responded to it later; and I believe that there are more people who just read the thread and did not comment ..
I fully understand that the number is very small compared to the effort required, but we hope to see that in the future, given that some of the other tools I know offer such support completely.

Thank you


Hi @Amer,

I'm referring to Radzen paid subscribers.

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Hello @enchev (Vlad), the only thing preventing my firm from investing in RADZEN is the lack of RTL support. I am talking about a team of 20 developers. I suggest to let RADZEN have this capability and you would see how will this impact your market share.

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For now we plan to delay RTL support as the investment required in terms of development is not trivial . Just to put things into perspective - there are components that will need to support a different rendering mode (such as the chart). By the way some of the things should already work fine if you set the dir attribute of your body do "rtl".

Now that Radzen.Blazor is open source you are free to contribute RTL support! Your team of 20 developers has 10 times the capacity than Radzen :slight_smile:

Are you kidding me?! Only Two developers created Radzen IDE and the Blazor Nuget ?!!
Great Job GUYS!!!

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No, I am not. It is just the two of us. This is why we pick our battles very carefully.


Do Radzen support RTL Page now?

Hi, We've never heard of Radzen or Blazor before... I am very grateful for what the Radzen team has accomplished. We're now evaluating Radzen, and I'm hopeful that we'll be able to purchase it soon... But there is one issue (RTL Support) that has been plaguing us so far. I'm hoping to hear anything about this soon.

Any news about RTL support, since last comment?

Mai 2023, Is it in your plans?
I hope this feature will be added in the future, it is difficult for a website to be multilingual without it

hmm , when you don't have rtl , why they buy your product ? for sure you current customer are the one don't need a rtl at first place , otherwise if why they going to buy your product that's don't support rtl ? i can understand you care about the paid customer , but sometime the feature you want implement are the reason the future customer Come To You , I Hope Seen Feature On Your Product