Support umlaut marks

I really felt in love with Radzen as a very good alternative to lightswitch!

Unfortunately I realized that Radzen does not support german umlaute like ö,ä.ü, which is very often used in the german language. It is not supported in the route of an API, as a property in a API result and as a screen name.

This is very frustrating. Can this be supported in the future?

Thanks, Markus

Hi Markus,

We’ve fixed similar problem with umlauts in page names several weeks ago and will definitely fix everything else you have found! Please send us detailed info about your findings at or post here!

Best Regards,

Thank you for the quick response. I use the very latest version and have this issues:

  • when I create a page name, which contains an umlaut, I can select it to navigate to it, but nothing happens. As soon I rename it without umlaut, it works fine
  • when my route in the api contains an umlaut, I see that the api is called when I debug it in Visual Studio, but the DateGrid is still empty. As soon as I replace the route without any umlaut (and refresh the Swagger-API source), it displays the data
  • when I have a property in the api call with an umlaut, the column with this property is empty. As soon as I replace the name of the property in the api (and refresh the Swagger-API source), the data is displayed

I hope this helps.

Best regards, Markus

Thanks! We will post here when we have more info/fixes!

You are so awesome! :slight_smile:

Please feel free if you need more information or if you need detailed examples/source code for reproducing.

Hi Markus,

I tried to reproduce the umlaut in page problem to no avail. Here is a page which seems to work fine.

Could you send the meta directory of a project which doesn't work to

Best regards,

Hi Atanas,

this works. But when you want to navigate to that page, e.g. via click on a button, you can select the page with the correct name, but the route is then without umlaut.
By clicking the button, the URL without umlaut is called, which does not exist.

I hope the screenshot helps to explain the problem.

Best regards, Markus

Hello Markus, Artanas and Vladimir,
I am also working with pages and umlauts and so on…

I think the best solution for all this is to split the page name and the title of the page.
At the moment one MUST rename the page to change the page title.
and second… no one can have two pages with identical page titles. Thats bad.
with pages that have a “title property” the page names do not need umlauts and all this url encoding that comes behind.
am i wrong?


@YnotBetter I will investigate and report my findings.

@ThomasS An incoming update will allow setting arbitrary title (and removing the title dislpay altogether).

That sounds great! I am full of expectation to this release.


Hi Artanas,
can you give me a hint when this new “Page layouts” feature will be available?


@ThomasS I hope some time next week we would release a beta in the forum.