Support for SQLite

Can we use sqlite instead of SQL server for radzen blazor projects?

I have used sqlite for my other blazor projects and work well, even on deploying it on azure server

But with radzen, What would be the workflow for the same, since the Radzen tool does not support connecting to a sqlite db. Ofcourse we could modify the startup.cs to use sqllite (as a one time change) outside of radzen tool, but then for subsequent changes, what do we do?

You can use code generation ignore list:

@enchev, can you please elaborate?
Do you have any article showing how to use sqlite with radzen blazor?

Would appreciate it, this would be a key factor for us in order to use radzen for our ongoing production project.

The article I've posted is related to Radzen application ignore list - this is how you tell Radzen to not overwrite your changes. Our demos are using SQLite:

Thanks, this would be helpful for sure. I have another very valid question which I would post in another topic.

Hi, I'm not sure what the advice is exactly. Are we supposed to create the application with SQL Server and then just adapt the connection string to point to SQL Lite after you're done?

Is there going to be out of the box support for SQL Lite in the future?

SQLite support will be available in Radzen 3.0 later this year.

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