Support for code-first

Does Radzen support the code-first workflow where you start building up your Entitity classes over time and keep adding to the UI?

The examples that I see are when you have a database already existing.


Hi @michaelgrissom,

Yes, Radzen will need the database in order to scaffold pages, database schema etc., still I believe that you can create the UI manually and use Invoke Custom Method actions if the database schema is still unknown.

We use code first to update the database but use a separate console app and just re-Infer the data source afterwards in Radzen.

@mumfie So you have an API project that you do code first in, and then a separate project for the UI?

@michaelgrissom ,
No. Its not an API project. It a .net core console EXE created using Visual Studio

Another approach with existing db is a separate solution EF code first from database then you have migrations, source control and deploy for your database.

Do this in an AspNet WebAPI solution, add OData controllers with EF and deploy. Now your db is a service.

this project can also contain business logic shared by all consumers including RadZen apps.

Finally, use OData source in RadZen.


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