Support firebase

Is firebase supported? Or will it be?

Hi @bartnetjs,

Not supported for code generation at the moment however we have plans to add it. Is this something that prevents you to use Radzen? What’s the importance of Firebase for your project?

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Hi @enchev,

I’m still playing around to find out how far I can go in RAD.
Firebase is a real time database, quick to setup, integration with auth providers, serverless functions,…
So I think very interesting to use with radzen.
If I could could implement it as a custom datasource, that would be fine also.
But for the moment I’m stuck in using extra npm packages (see other post), and using the datasource in a generated screen

@bartnetjs even though the package.json file is overwritten the node_modules directory won’t be after you run npm install. You can use a custom data source by defining it as REST or Swagger. Then you can manually edit the .json file which follows the Swagger v2.0 format to describe your Firebase API. This would allow you to define pages that use that data source. At runtime you would have to override the service which Radzen generates with Angular DI.

/* app.module.ts */
import {MyService} from './my-service';

export class MyCustomService extends MyService {
    getItems(/*params*/) {
       // implement using Firebase API

  declarations: [...AppDeclarations],
  imports: [...AppImports],
  providers: [
    // Replace the generated service with the custom one
    {provide: MyService, useClass: MyCustomService}
  bootstrap: [AppComponent]