Suggestion: Excel/Airtable Like Data Entry Component


My suggestion is a data entry grid similar to if you were using excel or more similar to Airtable. This could be a modification to data grid. I have not yet found a Blazor component that makes mass data entry (such as timesheets) easy to do in a familiar way. Most features that I believe are required are already in the data grid, but a little more inbuilt functions would make it very powerful

  • Tabing through last item creates a new row similar to image below. There is always a new row. New row is always selected after tabbing
  • Context menu for deleting/inserting row
  • Default controls to take up 100% of surrounding box. Rather than looking like a control within a control


Thanks for your suggestion. Radzen.Blazor is a free component set released under MIT license and you can use our official GitHub to submit issues and feature suggestions. We accept also pull requests:

That's because making such a component is quite hard IMHO. Airtable's whole business is that component - it shouldn't be that easy to replicate it - should it :slight_smile:

From what I can see a lot of what they do is around the ease of adding columns/tables/formulas etc on the fly and the backing db to go with it. Which is also one of it's downsides. (Validation is terrible on it, as you can't force cells to be entered afaik, so you can have missing data all over the place), which is why ideally I don't want to use it.

I think the main thing would be tabbing to create a new row/allways having that new row available. But I have no idea how hard that would be!

I haven't done much with styles (new to webdev, happy with default styles so far), but I'd imagine making the fields fit the bounding box could be done from my end with the style attribute.