Suggestion: Easy copy/paste of form contents

When creating an add and edit page the items on the page are usually almost identical. Its just the form component that dictates whether its a new an update.

When creating say the add page, it would be great if you could copy/paste the entire form contents into the edit page, saves alot of duplication of effort.

I can almost do it by copy/paste in the Outline view of the page but I have to include the form component which is were the issue lies as I would need to reconfig this on the pasted page. I just want the components within the form but to do that I have to select each one in turn. It would be easier if the components sat inside their own parent, maybe a row so I could copy/paste the entire parent and children in one click.

Speeds development up and is less error prone.


Update: I then realise that the data population happens in the page init, so any filters or sorts on the form drop downs are not carried cross if you copy/paste the controls.So I guess what really would be nice is a page duplicate (which is there now) followed by a simple switch to swap between add/edit mode as I'm sure the vast majority of crud forms would benefit.

Hi @timt,

One can select multiple components in the Outline view via shift+click.

The other option is page duplication. We have decided not to generate a single page for add and delete to avoid complications (are we in add or edit state? is this component visible in add or edit? should we retrieve an item from the database or not?).


I use shift click now, great for smaller forms but for larger more complex forms its a bit more error prone - or maybe its just me!

Still doesn't get around the problem of the filter/sort etc for dropdowns. I think I may try duplicate and tweak the add/edit on submit code

Take your point re single page, always pros and cons to be weighed.


You can select the first component and then shift+click the last - it will select everything in between. Still if you need all the code it is better to duplicate a page.

Shift click only selects the first and last items not the items in between.

I have tried copying and pasting the entire set of items but thent he form submit button won't work so i'm back to copying the rows but its really time consuming.

Any thoughts?

Got it to work, you need to collapse the selection in the outline view to select multiple items

even that turns out to be wrong, selecting the rows in the outline view works as you have said.