Suggestion: DataGrid expose EmptyText proprety

Datagrid so far looking good,
It will be nice if we cloud from code behind in other methods change value of EmptyText .
My usage for this is:
We are using some controls outside of grid for filtering data inside of grid.
Scenario is when user change any of controls on filtering form, we do empty grid and want to leave message for user tu hit Filter button to perform filtering,
Once when codebehind finish data fetching if there is no data for given parameters we want to show other message to user.

My apologies, for this at least stupid question,
Fighting with all this new stuff sometime man forget things that he knows.

Dynamically changing empty text is easy:
All you need is to declare string variable in code, set datagrid to use that variable, and in code change that variable as you need

Here is sample:
@page "/bo"
@inject boServis;
@inject Data.BackOffice.backOfficeContext boBaza;
@using Models.Bo;

    <div class="row">
        <div class="col-md-12">
            <RadzenFieldset AllowCollapse="true" >
                    <h3>Postavke filtera</h3>
                    <label for="odDatuma">Period od: </label>
                    <RadzenDatePicker Id="odDatuma"  @bind-Value="odDatuma" Change="@(args => ObrisiGid(args))" DateFormat="dd.MM.yyyy" />
                    <label for="doDatuma">do: </label>
                    <RadzenDatePicker id="doDatuma" @bind-Value="doDatuma" Change="@(args => ObrisiGid(args))" DateFormat="dd.MM.yyyy" />
                    <RadzenButton Click="filterGrid" Text="Filtriraj" Style="margin-bottom: 20px; width: 150px" />

            <div class="row">
                <div class="col-md-12">
                    <RadzenGrid AllowFiltering="true"
                            <RadzenGridColumn TItem="Models.Bo.Smjene" Filterable="false"  Property="Datum"  Title="Datum">
                                <Template Context="data">
                                    @String.Format("{0:d}", data.Datum)
                            <RadzenGridColumn TItem="Models.Bo.Smjene"  Property="@nameof(Models.Bo.Smjene.Kasa)" Title="Kasa">

                            <RadzenGridColumn TItem="Models.Bo.Smjene"  Property="@nameof(Models.Bo.Smjene.Skladiste)" Title="Kasa">

                            <RadzenGridColumn TItem="Models.Bo.Smjene"  Property="@nameof(Models.Bo.Smjene.Status)" Title="Kasa">

                            <RadzenGridColumn TItem="Models.Bo.Smjene"  Property="@nameof(Models.Bo.Smjene.SklId)" Title="Kasa">



            @code {

                DateTime odDatuma = DateTime.Today;
                DateTime doDatuma = DateTime.Today;
                Models.Bo.Smjene red;

                string emptyMsg = "There is no data";

                List<Models.Bo.Smjene> smjene;
                protected override async Task OnInitializedAsync()
                    smjene = await Task.FromResult(boServis.smjene(odDatuma, doDatuma));
                private void filterGrid()
                    var  ss = boServis.smjene(odDatuma, doDatuma);
                    if (ss.Count == 0)
                        emptyMsg = "There is no data";

                    smjene = ss;
                void ObrisiGid(DateTime? datum)
                    emptyMsg = "Please set up all filters and hit Filter button";
                    smjene = new List<Smjene>();