Styling Blazor Grid

How can I style a Blazor Grid dynamically? Is there a way to add CssStyle to a grid? I'm looking to change the height on runtime.

You’ve missed the grid Style property.

I noticed the Style property but I can't assign the height to a C# variable. For example

Style="width: 1950px; overflow: auto; height:@GridHeightString"

Trying this gives an error:

Component attributes do not support complex content (mixed C# and markup).

This wouldn't be an issue if I could specify a CssStyle and then assign the height property in the CSS definition.

Any ideas how I can set height on run time? My goal is to set the height based on the height of the user's browser window.

The syntax is a bit different:

<RadzenGrid Style="@($"height:{myheight}")"  ...>
@code {
    string myheight = "500px";

This is not something specific to Radzen Blazor components.

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This worked. Thank you for the help!

Please help align dropdown in the table cell. I can’t find which class of the CSS is responsible for it and which property.

All css classes can be observed using your browser inspector: