Styling a dropdown window

I would like to style one dropdown window of my application.
The problem is that the spawned div isn't nested in the components html part itself, it gets added near the bottom of the dom.
I can still style it but the problem is it has exactly the same classes as any other dropdown.

What I actually did was rising the search popup over the searchbox so it looks like you are really clicking into it (and not on a textbox to get your focus moved to a box below it):

But this change influences every other dropdown-popup in my app.
How can I add an identifier or a class to this part?

We will investigate if it possible to set a class to that element. At the moment it is indeed not possible to target it.

Maybe you could add the property-name of every component as an id to the spawned element(s)?
Like I name the dropdown "searchfield" and you add id="searchfield" to the main component and id="searchfield-dropdown" to the dropdown.
This would greatly enhance the customization possibilities.

This isn't supported by the PrimeNG components that we use.

Thank you for adding the PopupClass-property to the control :heart: