Style RadzenUpload as normal button

Greetings all,

I have the whole file upload setup with a RadzenUpload component, but I need to style the RadzenUpload as a normal button with an icon. How would I best achieve this?

I tried around to get the RadzenUpload functionality to work with a normal button, but to no avail. I then tried to style the RadzenUpload with the Style property, to no avail. I then tried to hide the actual RadzenUpload component and trigger it via a normal RadzenButton, to no avail (I don't see any actual method for starting the flow the RadzenUpload initialy starts).

Any guidance on this?

Check Manual Upload example

You can execute Upload() method from desired component.

Hi enchev,

I looked at the manual upload sample, but this does only cover the actual upload action, not the file chooser. With the manual upload sample the user has to select the files by clicking on the "choose"-button (represented by the RadzenUpload component) and has to click the "Upload" button to actually initiate the upload process.

My usecase is different though. I want the normal usecase of the RadzenUpload component, but with a normal button style. Right now the RadzenUpload button doesn't match my other buttons at all and looks out of place, so I tried to get the look inline with the normal buttons with the methods mentioned above.

You can perhaps not include the Radzen Blazor CSS at all then. Just copy the most essential CSS rules that hide the built-in input type="file". RadzenUpload's CSS is available here.

The other option is to just override the Radzen Upload CSS styling to match yours. Your browser's developer tools will show you what to override (also check the source linked above).