Studio / Eval


I'm not being offered a 14 trial (this is essential for an eval)

Also bugs in 1.8.0 and 1.8.1.

The create template for client/server and web assembly are reversed.

Close editor menu item does not close the editor.

The trail of pro is very important, I need to show crud to customers and don't have access to a licensed machine.

Apart from all that the database infer and service generation are amazing.

Amazing for sure, a well designed database can turn into an app in record time, Pro has been a solid investment for me. The product is still in the early stages, pros and cons of weekly releases but more pros imo. Support is solid, quick turnaround on bugs/requests.

You can trial it only once. You have already trialed in on the same machine you won't be able to start a new trial. Otherwise you are presented with a registration dialog on first start which needs a valid email to start the tria.

What do you mean?

It seems to close the editor just fine. What do you expect it to do?