Steps Component - Remove / Hide Step Conditionally?

Late last year I requested to have the Steps component allow to enable or disable a step. That works great, however I have a new problem now. I need to remove or hide one of my steps, if a condition doesn't apply to the current user. I think that in Angular it's possible to use an ng-if conditional, but that is not possible in RadZen without disabling the code generator. The component does not support hiding a step, or setting a dynamic list of steps. Is there something I'm missing, other than building a mostly duplicate page?

What would you prefer - to introduce a Visible property for each step or to allow you to data-bind the Steps property to page property?

Visibility is fine, as it would be consistent with the disabled property. It's important that the next/previous links still work. For example click Next on step 2 would show step 4, if step 3 is not visible.

The Visible property should now be a available in the latest Radzen release. If you have a custom client\node_modules directory either delete it or install the latest version of @radzen/angular.