Stacked Area Chart When

Dear Radzen Blazor Team,

I wanted to ask you when the update for the Stacked Area Chart will be released, since it has been on the roadmap for quite a long time.

Hi @gmlukas,

This isn't a feature we are working on currently. We don't have a timeframe for it.

That's a bummer. I've been looking forward to it for a few months. Thanks for the quick answer tho.

Is there any update on the potential for a stacked area chart?

No, there is no update. We aren't currently working on a stacked area chart. We could schedule it for late autumn 2023 depending on other tasks and team capacity.

that would be great for me.

I would also greatly benefit from this. I'm currently using multiple AreaSeries on top of each other as a workaround, but the colors of the different charts blend, which looks very ugly.

Is there any update on this? Most of the people also on reddit waiting for this feature


No update. Please refer to the forum FAQ for such requests.

Stacked area chart has been implemented in Radzen.Blazor 4.22: