SSRS Parameters

I have a small app where I enter “Jobs” I have 4 pages, 1 is the jobs grid, and Add Job page and an Edit page and a Job report page. The report page is calling an SSRS report. Everything works fine until I add a parameter to the report. I need to return only the selected Job and pass the “jobID” as a parameter to the report. I assume it needs to happen in to stages, first to pass the job ID from the “Edit Job” page to the Job Report page and then from their to SSRS. I’m just not sure how to tie all this together. Any help would be great. I came from the Lightswitch world and am trying to get a handle on how things are done on the Radzen side.



Hi Josh,

You can pass jobID parameter to the report page similar to how we are passing the record Id to Edit page:

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