SQL Time field inferred schema

I have a SQL Server 2016 database with a field which has a field declared as a Time datatype. When I infer the schema in Radzen, it is generating C# model code using the type TimeSpan for this field which OData appears to handle as EDM.Duration. Would this be expected behaviour as a SQL Time datatype has no concept of a number of days and trying to update the field from a Radzen DatePicker component which has been set to TimeOnly seems to generate a modelstate error - the error relating to converting the value to the required type. I can code around it by stripping out the components of the time and re-formatting the submitted value with the required formatting for EDM.Duration so, it's not a show stopper but, I am curious if this is intended behaviour?.

Hi @markb,

In most cases it is mapped to TimeSpan:

The DatePicker component however will unable to edit TimeSpan properly - only DateTime.