Splitting Code Base

I built an application with the same code base for 2 clients, but now it's reached the point where I need to fork the application so that I can service my clients separately. What's the best way for me to take the current project and turn it into 2 in Radzen?

Hi @kgordon,

Do you mean to copy an application? If yes read ahead.

  1. First create a new directory for the copy application.
  2. Copy the meta directory from the original location to the new one.
  3. Edit meta\app.json and change the "name" field to a new value.
  4. Import the new location in Radzen. Click run to generate the code.
  5. If you have custom code in the original app you have to copy it in the new one. You should change the namespace in all custom files and code to match the new one.
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This is exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks so much.