Splitter documentation Not Found


I have seen the splitter documentation link show a 404 error.

Could you solve it?

Thank you very much in advance.


It will be fixed later today

What does to splitter do? Just updated Radzen and saw that Splitter was added.


How do I use the splitter component in Radzen? I can drag the control from the toolbox on the page, select orientation and add panes in the property editor. But how do I put other controls into the panes? I is not possible to e.g. drop/paste a Card control onto one of the panes. Am I doning somthing wrong?

Thanks for clarification!

You can use template editor:

Hi @enchev ,

I was not aware of that feature. It is a bit unintutive, since other (container) controls do not use this template concept but accept the child content directly (with support for the "Outline" tree).

Thanks a lot!


Hi @JustJoe,

It will be a lot easier in Radzen Blazor Studio!