Split Button Background color not customizable

Hello radzen team,
i have the following settings:

but the button looks like this:

i think its a bug?

Kind regards

Hello Thomas,

Thank you for reporting that. It is because in the latest 4.0 version of Radzen Blazor Components the SplitButton inherits the Button styling. We are about to introduce new Button and SplitButton properties in Radzen, that will allow you to easily change the ButtonStyle (Primary, Secondary, Success etc.), Variant (Filled, Flat, Outlined, Text), Shade (Light, Lighter, Dark, Darker) and will practically obsolete the SplitButton Background and Color settings in the Customize theme dialog. These shoud be available with the next release.

Meanwhile, you can add the following CSS to your styles.css to update the SplitButton color:

.rz-splitbutton .rz-button.rz-primary.rz-shade-default {
    background-color: #00abdc;

Or if #00abdc is assigned in the theme as a Secondary color, you can also use:

.rz-splitbutton .rz-button.rz-primary.rz-shade-default {
    background-color: var(--rz-secondary);

That works.

Thank you!