Sorting a DateTime database field in grid with a name of DateTime in the database

I have inherited a unique database that has been around forever and has numerous reports associated with it.

That being said, I have found that the RadzenGrid doesn't care for a database field named DateTime of type DateTime. When trying to sort the DateTime field I get the error: Error: '.' or '(' or string literal expected (at index 9).

In order to get around this, I've created a new column with a different name with the same values and it works but am curious as to whether there is another way of working with the existing field vs creating a new one.

As always, much appreciated!

It will be good if you post more details. Is the app generated by Radzen or not, is it server-side Blazor or WASM, etc.

We’ve managed to reproduce it. Fix will be released with the next update (early next week)

I've published new version of Radzen.Blazor with fix for this. Radzen update will be published next week.

Much appreciated, thank you!