Some "basic" things that I can't do or can't find how

Hi, I'm new to the tool, at first glance it's great! My question is... I didn't find videos only of radzen studio but it is different from razor blazor studio, to do these things. Select nested, modify the menu, modify the form, in two, three columns the rows put the title vertically, that is, the titles above the inputs and not to the side... Regarding the select nests, I refer to an example, I have a country Select I want the cities belonging to each country. Basic things that I couldn't find how to do.
Thank you so much!

Hi @Daniel_Diaz,

I suggest checking this playlist which is for Radzen Blazor Studio only.

Also recommend checking the Create Complete Application tutorial - it shows how to do various things. For example here is how to customize the navigation.

Cascading dropdowns are shown in this demo and for "vertical labels" you can set the FormField variant option when you create your pages. It will use RadzenFormField to create the forms.

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Thank you very much for answering, I will look in more detail at what you suggest, perhaps I overlooked some things.
Another question in the component examples which database for the code examples? could you share it?
Thank you very much for your time and responses, I am very excited about the product!

The database is available in the project itself. You can clone it from the Github repository.

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