Some additional issues with the new datagrid

Hello guys,
First off, let me say that I was greatly relieved to see that @enchev mentioned that you could edit a page's json file to change the grid type from grid to datagrid. I have some projects with huge very complex grids, and I was dreading rebuilding them from scratch. So that's what I did. My first attempt works, but I am having the following issues.

  1. As soon as I click AllowVirtualization the grid designer no longer displays row data. Before:

    And after:

  2. If AllowVirtualization is on, then nothing happens when I click the button to add a record:

 await this.grid0.InsertRow(new ItInventory.Models.ItInventoryData.Equipment());

As soon as I turn AllowVirtualization off, it works normally again.
3. Insert row and edit row actions show that the new and edited rows do not properly repect frozen columns. In the following screenshots, the first 5 columns are set to frozen. Do an add or edit then scroll horizontally. Add:

And edit:

Thank you,

Hi @SloSuenos,

Thanks for the reports! We will do our best to address these issues in our next build early next week.

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