Silly question desperately needs answer

I am a total beginner yet things where allowing me to progress nicely towards assessing I can move from Community to Professional version.
I came across one thing I cannot solve even though I went through all the materials I could find.

What I am trying to achieve is to simply have a Label showing a value / column returned by an SQL view. Very similar to the RadzenCRM I never managed to replicate (failing on Inject as myDBContext could not be found), I would like the Label to either do as above or get that number from the original table with filters applied.

I literally spent the weekend on this so I would be extremely grateful if a good soul could show me the way forward.

What I have done so far is to use the Load Event

with filters

and Then Set Property

At that point, no error comes up.
But everything I tried to set up the label, playing with attributes, has failed so far. All I need is the COUNT of the above filter

Any idea welcomed


The result is IEnumerable and to get the count of the items you can execute Count() method.


This is what I thought initially but regardless of having the count as Text or as Attribute value, it still fails.



Method execution in C# should be with ()

Took me a while to understand where I should correct this and what to have in Label description but finally got there.
Thank you so much Enchev