Signature Control

Is there currently a way to handle signature input? I would love to be able to capture a signature in an app from my users.

There isn’t currently a way to handle signature input in Radzen. I am logging this as a feature request and we will prioritise based on demand.

Sounds great. Not sure if it helps but in Lightswitch they used a javascript control for drawing on page and then stored the result as an base64 string in the database. Here is a link to what they did if it helps.

Just wondering if this is on the radar as a feature? I have a few requests for signoffs on some forms and my users would like to physically sign the screen with their finger or a stylus.


Any update? Sorry to keep asking but I have users asking if there is any progress or an ETA.



We have found an open source library that we can probably wrap for Angular. Will work on that next week and report our findings.

If it works it would work in a similar way to the FileInput component (and the corresponding form field) - persisting its value as a base64 encoded string.

Great! Thanks for the update.

Hey @joshwilliam,

Yesterday we released Signature component:

You can use it like FileInput, place it in a TemplateForm for example:

Best Regards,

Fantastic. Thanks! My users will be very happy.