Show notification duration


is there a way to set the duration for the show notification message? users complain that the message is disappearing too quickly


Hi @cmhdev,

Not possible at the moment however we will add it for the next release (before the end of the week). You will be able to specify it like this:

Best Regards,


Perfect. Thank you very much


After getting the latest update I am getting an error when I try to use the new duration field
ERROR in src/app/vouchers/vouchers-generated.component.ts(167,151): error TS2345: Argument of type '{ severity: string; summary: string; detail: string; duration: number; }' is not assignable to parameter of type 'Message'.
Object literal may only specify known properties, and 'duration' does not exist in type 'Message'.


Check the client directory of your Radzen application - if there is a node_modules subdirectory in it delete it. You are probably using an older version of the Radzen Angular component at the moment.


That was it. Thank you.