Show Image in Application


I tried to show an image in my application. I have read the following tutorial:

The pictures are stored in my mssql database. In my windows forms application it is no problem to show them. But in radzen I get this:


Hi @MarkusW,

Your images are probably not stored in Base64 format which is needed to display them in a web page. You can search online for how to convert them to Base64.



Now I used the code from this example:

I changed the code in the get method to:
return Convert.ToBase64String(Bild, 0, Bild.Length);

So the picture should be converted to Base64 string, but there is still the same problem?


My reply was incomplete. Images need data URI which is base64 + a prefix. You can find more info here.

The easiest way is to save the images at first in OneNote and then export to MHTML.