Setting the value of a dropdown box

Hi Radzen,

I have a dropdown on a page and need to set its initial value. In the load event of the page:

  1. I invoke getExerciseByExerciseID data source method
  2. I set a property exercise to {result}
  3. I would like to use ${exercise.TypeID} as the initial value of a drop-down box showing all types…

I am trying to set the Value property of the drop-down box to ${exercise.TypeID}… but that does not work


What is the initial value of ${exercise.TypeID}? How is this DropDown configured (Data, TextProperty, ValueProperty)?

I invoke getTypes and sets a types property with the result.
The DropDown is configured with:

  • Data = types
  • TextProperty = Name
  • ValueProperty = TypeID

By default, the dd shows types[0], but I would like it to show the type record with a specific TypeID value…

Hi @semafox,

I see what you mean. I think what happens now is that the Dropdown tries to use the exercise property before it is initalized. Can you try setting its Visible property to ${exercise}? This should show the Dropdown only when the required data is available.