Setting initial RadioButton selection in RadioButtonList

I have the following RadioButtonList code:

 <RadzenRadioButtonList Change="@((args) => RBChange(args, "Operation"))" >
                        <RadzenRadioButtonListItem Text="Status"       Value="1" />
                        <RadzenRadioButtonListItem Text="Info"         Value="2" />
                        <RadzenRadioButtonListItem Text="Demographics" Value="3" />

It displays and works as expected. However, there is no RadioButton selected initially. I would like to be able to set the initially selected RadioButton. The "Value" property is of no effect.

My question is "How can I set the initial selectionof a RadioButtonList?"

This is definitely a bug and it will be fixed with the next update (early next week).

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New version released and demo updated:

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Downloaded new version, Works like a charm! Thanks for the quick response and fix!!

Harry Reed

Hi all (and @enchev),
I didn't want to open a new title.

I added a RadzenRadioButtonList on the page (The TValues are int).
When I try to specify the initial value the following error message appears on the screen.

I checked out the code, there were no error messages. While the code is running everything is as expected and RadzenRadioButtonList is working properly.

Am I missing something or is this a bug?

Thanks for your support.