Setting height of control 100% of body height

In Radzen studio there is style properties,
That style accepts percents as value,
Width value works perfect,
Height value if set in percent (e.g. 100%) that does not works.
Is there work around to set 100% height of component in default layout, whit footer and side menu

This is how 100% height behaves in HTML and CSS - it occupies 100% of the height of the parent element. If the parent element doesn't have its height set it won't work.

I apologise if my question was unclear,
Setting 100% height for controls does not stretch them in browser.
If you set 100% height of control , browser does not render it in full mode.
Here is sample with reportviewer control.

I am trying to avoid double vertical scroll bars on my pages.
If i set fixed height for some control, users with higher resolution will have gap between footer and bottom of control, on other way if I set higher height for control, users whit smaler resolution wll have double scrol bars on that page, one set by page other set by control itself.

Yes, setting 100% height won't stretch them unless a parent component has a fixed Height set. Again - this is how CSS height works.