Setting global properties from appsettings.json

What's the best way to set Radzen global properties from the app configuration?

I thought of creating and initializing them from the Home (start) page. - generated code:
Globals.AppVersion = Startup.Configuration["myApp:Version"];

But the Configuration object is not static so only accessible from the app Startup object instance and I don't know how to get a reference to that outside of startup.cs.

Could I add a custom method for the Globals service e.g. in Globals.Custom.cs:
public GlobalsService(IConfiguration config) {this.Configuration = config;}
then implement OnConfigureServices in a Startup.Custom.cs to remove and re-add the using the new constructor, which also sets all the global properties?

But then I would have to define all the global properties myself in the custom module, since in Radzen pages there's no way to declare a property without giving it a value. Would the Radzen IDE have access to global properties defined in this way?

Hi @jeremygerbil,

The approach used in this blog post can be useful in your case as well:

Thank you, that was useful, as was this article.
I do have another question about GlobalsService: is it confined to supporting only simple datatypes (string, int etc.)? I have created a Dictionary<string,string> from part of the appSettings and added it (using custom code since Radzen "Set Property" will not create such a datatype) to GlobalsService as property "Dict". Binding a Label to a Dictionary entry, as ${Globals.Dict["keyname"]}, does actually build, run and work correctly. However the Radzen UI displays the Label component as "The given key 'keyname' was not present in the dictionary" which is a run time error. Why is this, and is there any way round it?