Set Value for a field prior to saving

I've created CRUD pages via Radzen. The Add & Edit record pages have a Save button which is of ButtonType submit. All this works fine.

However, I have a form where I want to populate the CreateBy, CreatedByDateTime on adding a record. Also for Edit a record, I want to update the ModifiedBy & ModifiedDateTime on saving. How do I do this in Radzen. Is there an event I can use for this?

As a supplementary question, data will be stored in Azure SQL which stores DateTime in UTC, however, as part of populating the CreatedDateTime & ModifiedDateTime, I want to using the local date, how am I best to do this given web app is going to be on Azure App Service which I presume will also give UTC time.

I'm loving Radzen and the speed at which I can get the time consuming bits done.

I add execute c# statements to the form load event




And for the edit form i do the same for the updated and updated by

DateTime.Now will give you your local environment time.

Thanks John.

I did think about this. However I was hoping that there was something I could do just before saving the record as there can be time delay between loading a form and saving it.

Yes you may execute the above statements on the click event of submit button.