Set the default value of a Datagriddropdown using Textbox

How do I set the default value of a Datagrid dropdown (Dropdown Datagrid 0) from a textbox (textbox0)?
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Carsten Gissel

Hi @Carsten_Gissel,

You need to set the Value property of both components to the same page property.

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Hvordan sætter jeg default værdien på en dropdownDatagrid ?
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Carsten Gissel

Not sure what this means.

when I select a row in a data grid, data appears well enough in the displayed screen with data, but I can not set the value that is in the textbox as the default value in the dropdownDatagrid so the value is also displayed there, that is the problem. Hope you undestand.

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Carsten Gissel

Unfortunately I don't understand what the problem is. Please send us a sample application to so we can reproduce it somehow.

You seem to have sent us your complete application which we cannot run because we don't have your database. Please try creating a simpler reproduction. You can use the Radzen sample database which is available from the MSSQL create data source screen via the Create sample schema button at the bottom.