Server side paging, searching, sorting using radzen grid

Hello, I've implemented grid with below example code:

But I'm trying to implement pager using below code:

< RadzenPager Count="count" PageSize="@pageSize" PageNumbersCount="10" PageChanged="@PageChanged" />

but with above two lines of code pager is not showing on browser.
my requirement is to use server side paging, searching, sorting with "RadzenGrid"

please help me asap.

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All are working above things in server side Radzen DataGrid

Did you find a solution to this? I have the same need: server side paging (have 1.2 billion records - so yeah)

If you set the Data property of RadzenDataGrid to an IQueryable instance paging would be automatically done at server side for you via Linq expression trees (and so will sorting and filtering). Alternatively you should handle the LoadData event.