Serious bug: Untitled Tabs and Steps

Hey guys, in the current version (Mac, 2.44.0) there is a very serious bug ... The Tab and Steps components are being generated without a title, as shown in the image ... Please see this!

Any more info about how these tabs are declared?

No ... they are nothing special, and even excluding the code the problem occurs.

Also, creating a new page and inserting a tab without touching anything, this already happens

I'm unable to reproduce this. The first tab text is set using expression while the second and the third are just hardcoded strings:

I'm using or Radzen for Mac, could I have something with that?

I mean, can you test on a Mac?

You are right! It seems that hardcoded strings are not applied on Mac - I see such issue for the first time. I'll check to see what's going on and hopefully I'll publish a fix tomorrow! In the meantime the only workaround I can offer is to use expressions similar to the first item Text:

Okay, I can wait until tomorrow, thanks for listening

I’ve not checked previous versions however if they work you can get them from here:

Ок. We’ve found what’s causing the issue. Do you have localization turned on?

Yes, English and Portuguese

Thanks. We will fix it in the next update, in the meantime use expression to set the text as I’ve showed in my previous replies.


I received an update from Radzen today and the problem persists ....

Version 2.44.2 (2.44.2) MacOS

The fix is not yet released. By the way, for future reference, if you want to expedite a feature or you need anything urgently consider purchasing a Radzen Professional subscription .

I can wait a little longer ... I'm certainly considering buying a subscription, because I think your support is good. I only care about those little things that suddenly stop working after the updates.