Selected value of dropdown on page


I have a page with a dropdown on it, named dropdownplant

I would like to use selected value of the downdown in a button click event. How do I reference the value property of the downdown?

${this.dropdownplant.value} doesn't appear to work.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @kest874,

You can bind DropDown Value to a Page property initialized in page Load event.

Have an example can't see to make that work either.

I want to take the selected value the dropdown and use it on the click event:


Should be simple, what an I missing?

I don’t see where the page property is bound to DropDown Value. You can do that in the DropDown properties from the property grid.

I have it working now sort of, I set the value property to

The button click works now as expected, however only when the value changes (dropdown item clicked) when the page loads there is an initial value, how do I grab the initial value?

page load:

When the Value is bound to a page property this property will hold both initial and new value after change.

Got it working thanks!