Seeking Advice on Migrating Legacy Projects to .NET 8

Does Radzen Blazor Studio offer an automatic migration feature for updating legacy projects to .NET 8? Or, are there specific manual steps that need to be followed for this upgrade?

E.g. I created a Radzen Blazor project with .NET 7, but want the project to be .NET 8 based now and fully supported in the Radzen Blazor Studio IDE.

Appreciate any insights or tips!

Hi @justinport,

There is no such feature in Radzen Blazor Studio. If you want to just migrate your Blazor server or WebAssembly app to .NET 8 you can just update the target framework and the references, if you need however to migrate to the new .NET 8 Web application type you can follow the official Microsoft guide here:

Here is how we did it for our demos: